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Brief introduction to Art Heritage Research Center

2020-07-15 14:11:57

On December 3, 2012, Art Heritage Research Center of Taiyuan University of Technology officially became the key research base of humanities and social sciences in colleges and universities in Shanxi Province, and it is a scientific research institution directly under Taiyuan University of Technology

The center selected and gathered 35 experts, scholars and researchers with research foundation and potential in related fields inside and outside the college, forming a reasonable echelon with academic support. There are 18 full-time researchers, 10 on-campus part-time researchers and 7 off-campus part-time researchers. The research center also hired Shao Dazhen, Luo Shiping and other well-known domestic experts in related fields to form academic committees, which provided academic support for the research development direction of the center and the examination and approval of scientific research projects.

In view of the large number of cultural relics and rich artistic heritage in Shanxi, the center sets its scientific research orientation as follows: from the four dimensions of skill, aesthetics, innovation of form and style, and expression of social and cultural concepts, to comprehensively arrange the artistic heritage in Shanxi, dig deep into the various values of these artistic heritage, and summarize and discuss the style characteristics of Shanxi art. On the basis of existing research, the center has condensed three scientific research platforms: Temple Art Research Institute, Utensils Art Research Institute and Image Art Research Institute.

        The researchers of this center have successfully applied for a number of scientific research projects, such as the Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Sciences in Shanxi Province. In the future development, the Art Heritage Research Center of Taiyuan University of Technology will rely on construction of the university, tap its potential, integrate its strength, highlight the characteristics and advantages of regions, university and disciplines. In addition, the center forge three professional research teams with three research institutes as scientific research platforms to conduct academic research on Shanxi's rich artistic heritage from both traditional and modern dimensions, presenting academic research results in the form of scientific research projects, monographs, papers and documentaries, and striving to provide academic and technical support for the development of Shanxi art and the transformation of Shanxi cultural province.